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Fit in My 50sHello and welcome to Fit In My 50’ I have been interested in staying healthy, and specifically NATURAL health principles for many years. In my 20’s, around 1972, I worked for a small natural food distributor. My job was to drive a 16 foot box truck around northern New Mexico delivering natural food products to Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Taos.

It was about this time I bought a wonderful book “The School of Natural Healing” by Dr. John R. Christopher. It became my health ‘bible’ for the next 10 years. I went for years without eating any fast foods, and consumed almost 100% natural, organic food.

Fast forward to today. I live in Michigan, and have 3 kids, two still at home, and the youngest one is 11. He is a boy who loves sports, so I get very involved with Little League, soccer and football. Has my lifestyle changed from the 100% organic life? More than I want to even admit. McDonald’s gets my money frequently. I eat more out of convenience than what I know is healthy.

I turned 60 years old in February of 2009. I am alarmed at the number of people that are dying in their 40’s. I am also very aware of the limits that age WANTS to put on my mobility and my abilities.

Fit In My 50’s is a blog about you and me and our struggles. Hopefully it will be a fun and entertaining journey. I welcome your input.


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