Are You More Out of Shape at 50 than at 40?

I know in my heart, and in the way I feel if I am “fit”.  Staying fit is a challenge, and even more so, each year I get older. My mortality stares me in the face each time I pick up the Holland Sentinel, from the little town where I live, and view the obituary. It is almost shocking to see how many people in their 50’s are dying.

There are many reasons to staying fit, and I think the biggest one for me is knowing inside that I am a winner, that I can do what I set my mind to do.  It is not easy walking, running or riding a bicycle when it is cold out, or when I just don’t feel like it. I don’t like restricting my diet, and actively pushing myself to eat what is healthy.   Some very smart people have said that the way to build self-esteem is to be consistent in developing new habits that are positive.

This Fit In My 50’s blog is first of all a story of my challenges, and what I am going through to have a better life, physically and mentally.  It is also about you, because if you are over 50 – or ANY age, and you have a desire to get fit and stay fit, this blog is your story also.  Please chime in and let us know what your biggest challenge is to staying fit.

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