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How would you like to improve your memory power, learn how to exercise your brain, and  improve your brain power? Avoid the embarrassment of forgetting someone’s name!  It’s time to discover the photographic memory you really still have.


Improve Memory Power | Ways to Improve Memory | Improve Brain Memory
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Improve Memory
Improve Memory Power
How to Improve Memory
Improving Memory

Improve Memory Power | Ways to Improve Memory | Improve Brain Memory

Six Ways to Remove the Memory Blocks That Hold You Back

The following is adapted from an article written by Fred B. Chernow – and comes from his excellent book, The Sharper Mind. I highly recommend this book. It has numerous “how-to” exercises that covers a whole wide range of improving memory power.

The psychologist Hermann Ebbinghause wrote about “curves of forgetting,” which describes how, if we learn something today but don’t use or review the information within 24 hours, we will forget a great deal of it. The following day, he found, we forget a little more, but not as much as we forgot the first day.

His good news was that once we review the material our memory will bounce back to its initial learning. We will forget it again, but the second time we will forget more slowly than the first time.

Just as memory gets stronger with use, it gets weaker with disuse. While this decay is a major factor in forgetting, there are others. There are many situations in which we sabotage our own efforts at mastering business facts, figures, and names. By anticipating them , we can often prevent forgetfulness.  Some of these blocks we put in our path ourselves. Others are beyond our control but not beyond our understanding. Here they are:

  1. Anxiety. When we are anxious, our memory is diminished. If a family member or friend is undergoing surgery the next day, it’s understandable if that’s the day you misplace your glasses. When the anxiety is reduced, normal memory will return.
  2. Depression. Depression is another emotion that weakens our memory. If you’re mourning the loss of a close friend or colleague, you will inevitably see signs of increased forgetfulness. As the depression lifts, so too will the level of memory.
  3. Rushing. A great source of misplaced or forgotten items is the hurried pace many of us maintain. think of what you are doing now rather than ponder what you must do next. Time is saved when you take deliberate, thoughtful steps in your errands and routines.
  4. Tension. Anger, rage, stress, and ardor all interrupt our usual unconscious encoding processes. They blur the mind temporarily. Taking a break, a refreshing drink, or participating in an exercise program will help restore memory.
  5. Interference.  Much forgetting is likely due to interference by other learning. This does not imply that you have a limited capacity in your memory bank where new data push the old data out. It is not so much the amount we learn as it is what we learn that determines forgetting by interference. For example, meeting people with similar names, ordering material with similar code numbers, or learning Italian after studying Spanish may lead to interference. You can, of course, build on the similarities to strengthen learning.
  6. Chemicals. Caffeine, tobacco, alcohol, mind-altering drugs, even antihistamines have an effect on alertness and judgment. Stimulants such as caffeine and tobacco as well as depressants such as alcohol and other over-the-counter drugs interfere with your ability to get the message recorded properly. A reduction or elimination of stimulants and depressants will improve memory power considerably. Most alcohol related memory loss seems to disappear when the individual stops drinking. Of course, much depends on the degree of deterioration. Older people have more trouble rebounding because a lifetime of abuse can cause irreversible damage.

Coffee, and other caffeine sources, cause agitation, which interferes with memory function. In the best of circumstances, the mind is both alert and relaxed. When stimulants such as caffeine become addictive, they prevent us from becoming relaxed even though they promote alertness. Yet older people benefit form the elimination of drowsiness that a cup of tea or coffee may provide. People have their own tolerances and you must seek your own level.



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  1. if u didnt learn anything from this its cause u were not paying attention.
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  2. I have been watching “over-learning” the “brain training” concept, via a
    ton of Youtube videos. While you didn’t give a great deal of background,
    your examples/suggestions were quite helpful. Thank you!

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