Nutritious Senior Food Tips

Nutrition Tips for Good Senior Health
What are the ways seniors can improve their nutrition? Assisted living Chef Milford Schofield offers key tips and suggestions for seniors and those concerned over their welfare. Learn better ways to prepare food? Learn what foods offer the biggest bang for their good health. In this fast paced discussion, you’ll gather methods and tips you can put to immediate good use.

This is an excellent video, covering many of the basics of sound senior nutrition. One of the first things he discussed was finding a better way to cook than just using the quick-prepare foods that are so popular. I find this is a “must” for building a better body that is more resistant to disease and break-down.

It takes time to prepare food from “scratch.” Once in a while,  I will prepare brown rice or beans, and it is time consuming to cut up the onions and garlic and then saute them in olive oil.  I am not a total “purist” because I will use canned tomatoes, for example. But it pays to be “picky” about the cans you purchase – and buy the most additive-clean food you can. The end result, though, is a nutritious and very tasty set of meals.

Do you have a favorite recipe that you just can’t give up? Here’s a tip that might help you, because it has sure helped me. Take out your favorite recipe and look at it closely. Are there any ingredients that jump out at you, screaming “I’m not healthy?” For instance – a cheap processed oil? Change it to quality cold-pressed olive oil.

Any canned goods you can substitute fresh? Yes, I know it’s more work. How about things like regular spaghetti, or noodles. Can you substitute whole wheat? Sometimes the substitutions change the taste considerably – but sometimes the new taste is incredible, too. So this is a case by case trial, but in the end, you are learning and getting healthier. Not bad, huh?

Breakfast is a very important meal – many experts claim that it is our MOST important meal. This brings up a great topic – what is there to eat for breakfast that is nutritious and healthy – and gives us long-lasting energy? For starters there are many wonderful grains that fit that bill perfectly. Here are a few of them: millet, oatmeal, quinoa, buck wheat groats and whole grain spelt berries.

I eat millet almost every morning. Some people think I’m crazy. I say to them “thank you!”  It is so simple. 1/2 cup water, 1/4 cup millet in a small pan with a lid. I add a handful of raisins – about 1/4 cup. Bring to a quick boil, then cook on low – simmer – for 23 minutes. Put it in a bowl  – add some nutritious Almond milk and a banana. I vote this very “yummy.” I actually double the recipe and save half of it in the fridge for the next day.

Look up the nutritious value of millet – it is labeled the world’s MOST nutritious food! Here’s the nutrition that is in 1 cup of cooked millet: manganese 23.5% — tryptophan 21.8% — magnesium 19.1% — phosphorus 17.4% –Calories (207)11% – Isn’t that amazing? These values are all percentages of our DAILY nutritional needs!

Millet also has these wonderful qualities:

  • heart-protective properties
  • Development and Repair of Body Tissue
  • Millet and other Whole Grains substantially lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk
  • Helps prevent Gallstones
  • Fibers from whole grains and fruits helps protect against breast cancer
  • Whole grains and fish highly protective against childhood asthma
  • Prevent heart failure with a whole grain breakfast

I buy millet in bulk at my local health food store. Or you can find a whole bunch of millet sources from many companies – all on Amazon.  I recommend buying organic, if possible. Organic millet is not much more than “regular” millet, and organic is much better for you.

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  1. Health is Wealth! Watch this video for some healthy nutrition tips.Nutrition
    Tips for Good Senior Health

  2. One of the biggest keys for healthy senior living is good nutrition.

    Nutrition Tips for Good Senior Health

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