59 Year-old Woman Aerobic Trainer Looks Better Than You

I have found it real inspiring to have role models in life, whether in business, relationships or staying fit. If someone else can exercise when they are 60,  why shouldn’t I be able to? If I learn about a person my age or older running a marathon, I am inspired to at least see if I can run a 5K- with a lot of training, of course.

So here are a few real inspiring stories of women who are doing more than most women half their age.  If this inspires you to action, leave a comment below, and let us know your story, OK?

59 Year Old Woman Looks & Trains Better Than You

Meet Rayca, the 59 year old woman who looks better, trains smarter, and lifts more than most women half her age. Not exactly what you’d expect an almost 60 year old woman to look like, huh? a woman who rows and squats and deadlifts and bench presses and just generally trains correctly overall, what advice would you give to the majority of women out there who think the key to getting the body they want (“fit and toned”) involves hours and hours of aerobics classes and doing

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Carol Evans, now 81 years old and student of Master Coach-Kevin Jodrey, performs a 10 minute Long Cycle set.

Carol had a terrible inner ear infection as a kid and lost a good portion of her equilibrium and hearing as a result. Always a very strong woman, both mentally and physically, she had gotten bored with normal gym fare and thought she might try the kettlebell class we offered-and she loved it. Carol began using a 10 pound bell for short sets and eventually got up to short jerk sets with the 12kg and 30/30 in the swing with the 12kg. She went over 180 in the snatch in ten minutes with one switch using the 8kg ball. She trained 4 days a week for 14 months.

For more information on American Kettlebell Club, visit: http://www.AmericanKettlebellClub.com


Kirstie Alley And Her Triumph Over Dropping Pounds

The renowned 60 year old Hollywood celebrity is actually considering getting married to someone more youthful, lively, courageous along with brave. Surprisingly, she appears more youthful, hotter along with more sexy than

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Fit Hero: 60YearOld Trainer Barbara McKeon

So this week we’re celebrating Barbara McKeon, an incredible 60 year old fitness instructor (whose birthday just happens to be today!) who says her That class was successful and soon I began teaching it regularly. Then I

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Wales’ Oldest Female Fitness Instructor – Welsh Icons News

Peggy Sullivan is Wales’ oldest female aerobics instructor – and has no plans to retire in the near future!

Despite celebrating her 80th birthday on Sunday, 5 February, Peggy says she sees no reason to stop doing what she loves, with her weekly classes in Rhondda Cynon Taf still pulling in large crowds of keep-fit fanatics.

While many people of her age would be quite content to sit back and take it easy, Peggy is the perfect ambassador of Rhondda Cynon Taf Council’s Leisure for Life campaign.

Her classes at the Michael Sobell Sports Centre in Aberdare are proving as popular as ever, with more and more people than ever before turning to a Rhondda Cynon Taf Leisure Centre in 2012.

Leisure for Life is a highly-successful Rhondda Cynon Taf Council campaign that aims to get people of all ages active and undertaking exercise in a bid to improve their health and well being.

It is all about talking simple steps to make exercise part of your daily routine and reaping the benefits alongside potential weight loss, enhanced fitness, muscle gain or even improved socialisation.

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