Senior Stretching Exercises

Senior Strength Training
A 45-minute, low-intensity workout designed for senior adults. This full body workout includes stretching, strength training with light weights and Pilates as well as some light cardiovascular exercise. from customfitworkouts.blogspot

Senior Stretching Exercises are low-impact exercises that can be fun and healthy. Not everyone is made for high-intensity exercising. So don’t worry about it. You can become very fit and agile without bouncing around, puffing and straining.

Three of my favorite “movement” exercise styles are tai chi, yoga and Pilates. These activities can fool you with their mild manner – but they can easily whip you into shape without hardly breaking a sweat. All three have their roots in ancient Eastern practices and are very closely aligned with each other.

With senior stretching exercises like tai chi, yoga and Pilates, you can improve your balance, strength and flexibility – no matter what your fitness level, age or weight. These exercises are gentle enough for anyone to at least try. If you consider yourself disabled or in bad health, you might be surprised at how these movement therapies give you renewed hope.

Here are just a few of the benefits you will experience from these stretching approaches to fitness.

  • As we grow older, we are not as nimble as when young. Taking a fall can have serious, even crippling effects. If your balance is not what you’d like, these forms of exercise are the safest you can do.
  • Gentle stretching exercises, like yoga and tai chi are especially useful for people with arthritis. For example, if you have arthritis in your hands, gentle yoga can be a big help. Any exercise you can do that makes your joints more limber, will help relieve pain and keep you more active.
  • Are you in need of heart health exercises? Just what the “doctor” ordered! Yoga or Pilates.
  • Are you all stressed out like most people today? You might be even more stressed by spending 30 minutes exercising. However, the wonderful thing about movement therapy – senior stretching exercises – is that it combines stress relief with exercise – so you leave with a big smile on your face.

All the activities you do with Pilates, yoga and tai chi – you do slowly with pointed focus on proper breathing and correct posture. The result? This relaxes your body and calms your mind.

13 thoughts on “Senior Stretching Exercises

  1. I’m not sure you know what being a senior is like.These rather too fast
    paced strength exercises for seniors could very easily injure someone if
    he/she gets out of alignment while trying to keep up with such a fast pace.
    It is not easy to recover from an injury when one is a senior. I am 76 and
    teach strength and flexibility to seniors up to 85. It can easily be done
    at a reasonable pace, without showing off and without harm to the very
    people you are trying to help.

  2. Pe2chi, I am sorry you feel that way. While I assure you that we are not
    “showing off”, but rather offering an alternative workout for the large
    group of senior adults who are both capable of and desiring a more
    challenging workout. Our gym also offers other senior classes (one water
    fitness and one lower intensity, slower paced fitness class) at other times
    for seniors who are unable to keep the pace of this class. Those who come
    to this one are quite capable and enjoy the challenge

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