Fasting – A Revolutionary Program for Conquering Disease

It is alarming in the United States and in most of the western world, that degenerative diseased have replaced infectious diseases as the number one killer. What does this mean? Lifestyle and diet are the biggest ultimate causes of the degenerative diseases that are killing millions of people each year.

The medical profession’s primary method over the last 60 years to combat the devastating effects of the fast-food diet and life-style has been surgery and medication. Has this been effective in curbing and bringing to a halt most of these diseases? Not even hardly.

Practically every medical treatment plan prescribed for the chronic disease patient these days tries only to manage symptoms. There aren’t any cures.

The prevailing medical treatments not only include risks, but also symbolize a Band-Aid method of approach. They are able to offer relief from symptoms – however they are not able to cure, considering they don’t deal with the root cause of the disease.

Under “modern-day” medicine, the occurrence of nearly all debilitating diseases has accelerated and the vast majority of individuals are still dying from what are preventable, diet and life-style induced illnesses.

So what does fasting have to do with conquering a disease that is giving me lots of problems? Many times fasting arrives on the scene only when all other avenues of “healing” have been exhausted. People don’t think of it, because it is just too “simple” and how could something so “simple” really work?

Fasting gives your body a much needed rest. It supplies your body with the ideal environment to accomplish it’s work of healing. Amazing things happen during a fast. Your blood pressure will drop. The metabolic wastes in your body will start decreasing and your blood vessels will start softening and actually rid themselves of harmful plaque.

In just a short time span, most of your organs and muscles, including your heart and brain, start receiving a bigger blood supply and oxygenation. And one of the most exciting things that a fast accomplishes is all the tissues throughout the different systems in your body begin to purify themselves. All of this just from a cessation of eating while drinking a lot of purified water.

A word of caution. Please consult with your physician before you embark on any fast. Your doctor may not be a fan of fasting – or they may just not know much about the benefits. If this is your doctor, find another one who is open to different methods and ideas such as fasting.  You can also reference a number of good books about fasting that are written by doctors. One of my favorites is “Fasting and Eating For Health – A Medical Doctor’s Program for Conquering Disease” by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

If you are open to this interesting approach to health, I encourage you to start with fasting one day a week. Maybe this seems easy to do, yet it will be hard to start with, because you will be bucking the tradition of years of habit. But think about giving your whole body – especially your internal organs – a much needed rest once each week. I sometimes wonder if this is what was meant by the old testament Biblical mandate of a day of rest each week.

One of the most incredible things fasting does is reduce inflammation in your body. This is a fascinating subject on it’s own that I will be covering in an upcoming post.

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5 thoughts on “Fasting – A Revolutionary Program for Conquering Disease

  1. Its great to see that I’m not alone in my belief that just because I’m in my 50s doesn’t mean that I can’t be healthy! Keep up the great work !!!!

  2. Hi Stephen, I’ve just read your blogs about fasting and alkalinity. Very interesting! Thanks!
    Love, Claudia

  3. Hi Claudia! I keep coming back to what my real passion is – helping people live healthier lives with greater freedom. Thanks for your comment and insight.


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