Sick of Fiery Heartburn Day After Day? Get Relief – Naturally!

The video above “tells it like it is!” Unless heartburn can be stopped naturally, and controlled by diet and other methods, prescription heartburn medication will only compound your problems.

It really amazes me that the pharmaceutical industry has so much influence and control over physicians. Doctors HAVE to know that stopping the production of acid in your stomach is not a smart idea. Why? You have to have acid to digest your food. But we are in a very difficult time medically – with people wanting instant relief, on one hand, and big pharma calling the shots on the other hand. The poor doctors are caught in the middle.

Please, if you are suffering from acid reflux – do something NATURAL about it. There are many different ideas and things you can do that will help, and can actually start healing you. Do a search on google for natural heartburn cures.

Here’s a few ideas. There are many more.

Cook Your Way to Heartburn Relief

It’s been a few months since my book debuted and reached #1 on Amazon’s Healthy Eating Book list.  The National Examiner recently ran a couple recipes from the book which I haven’t posted.

One is Tuscan Tuna & Bean Salad, and the other is Spanish Potato Gratin.  Since it is summer, you’ll probably be gravitating towards the Tuscan Tuna & Bean Salad  If you don’t mind a bit of heat in the kitchen in the summer, give the Spanish Potato Gratin a try.  Just remember to portion control this dish!

If you happened to have bought the book, this accompanies the Herb-Crusted Rack of Lamb quite well!  Or the Crispy Braised Chicken with Smoked Paprika.


Mike Enz Health: Apple Cider Vinegar – An Inexpensive Supplement

Apple Cider Vinegar, or ACV as it is commonly known, is made when the juice of crushed apples is mixed with yeast and bacteria in order to start the fermentation process. The natural sugar of the apple becomes alcohol. Then there is a second fermentation process where the resulting alcohol is converted into vinegar by another type of bacteria. Raw, un-distilled ACV is made by simply allowing the crushed apples to sit in wood barrels and ferment on their own. This process is significantly longer, but provides a higher nutrient content in the ACV.

These beneficial enzymes and nutrients can have positive health effects such as: aiding in heartburn relief, clearing up blemishes and some skin conditions, detoxification and possible weight loss benefits.


The Evolution of Disease – Defeating The Squirrels and Other Life

These symptoms could mean you are suffering from GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease) where the acid can damage your esophagus if you suffer from it long enough.

What can you do to beat reflux? Some physicians may prescribe some proton pump inhibitors and other digestive aiding drugs to help with digestion and help heal your esophagus. See a specialist and get evaluated A.S.A.P.

Another way to avoid reflux? Avoid the foods that trigger it in you, things like chocolate, tomatoes, fried foods, caffeine, onions or alcohol. Eating after 7PM is especially problematic for patients who suffer from reflux. If you think food may be the problem, start an elimination diet to discover which food is the culprit.

Another option, relax. I know, it sounds simple, but I know for many of you it isn’t. Build enough flexibility into your day so you can relieve stress and tension.


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  1. I found that most websites selling eBooks about acid reflux tended to give the website content more value than the actual eBook itself. In other words, they offered more hard sell than helpful information. You find this out after you have bought the book. I know because I was so desperate to find the answers I purchased them all when I was suffering so badly from GERD. The most expensive eBook had the hardest sales pitch, but only offered apples and honey as the “miracle” cure for acid reflux, gerd and heartburn! I was so angry and disappointed that I was inspired to write this extensive report on the subject.
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  2. The March 2012 issue of Natural Health magazine features an article I wrote entitled “Heal thy heartburn”, covering the basics of acid reflux – signs to look for, common misconceptions, and foods to eat and avoid to resolve your GERD troubles. There are two recipes included with the article as well. One is for a Tuscan tuna and bean salad, the other is for butternut squash risotto. All of this information is in my upcoming book as well, with a comprehensive advice guide and recipes for anything you might be craving.
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