Are You More Out of Shape at 50 than at 40?

I know in my heart, and in the way I feel if I am “fit”.  Staying fit is a challenge, and even more so, each year I get older. My mortality stares me in the face each time I pick up the Holland Sentinel, from the little town where I live, and view the obituary. It is almost shocking to see how many people in their 50’s are dying.

There are many reasons to staying fit, and I think the biggest one for me is knowing inside that I am a winner, that I can do what I set my mind to do.  It is not easy walking, running or riding a bicycle when it is cold out, or when I just don’t feel like it. I don’t like restricting my diet, and actively pushing myself to eat what is healthy.   Some very smart people have said that the way to build self-esteem is to be consistent in developing new habits that are positive.

This Fit In My 50’s blog is first of all a story of my challenges, and what I am going through to have a better life, physically and mentally.  It is also about you, because if you are over 50 – or ANY age, and you have a desire to get fit and stay fit, this blog is your story also.  Please chime in and let us know what your biggest challenge is to staying fit.

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4 thoughts on “Are You More Out of Shape at 50 than at 40?

  1. My challenge has been met head on with kettlebell training at the heart of it all. While i have bounced in and out of gyms for years and have maintained periods of of being what I thought was in decent shape, only to find out there is a better way for men our age. While kettlebell does involve wieght training it is not traditional. Ill let you discover this on your own. What i will share is the dramtic change in my core stength and muscle tone.Also joint mobility training helps stay injury free during these new movements your body is going through. lost 32 lbs. can keep up with many (not all)of the 20-35 crowd i work out with. Do it man, its worth the pain. Thirteen month transformation.Feel great with back pain that used to put me down twice a year is GONE!You Can do this!

  2. Douglas,

    Thanks so much for alerting me to kettlebells. I didn’t have a clue to what they were before you wrote your comment.

    I hope you are still working out with them and keeping that weight off. You are a big inspiration!

  3. Thanks Teri,

    You have a great site for senior fitness too. I will be looking forward to your articles. By the way I have passed the 60’s mark an am now on my way to my 70’s!

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