Suzanne Somers: How I’d Treat My Breast Cancer Differently Today



The Truth About Cancer supplied this video and transcript: Suzanne Somers: How I’d Treat My Breast Cancer Differently Today

Ty Bollinger: Suzanne, if you could, let’s go back about 14 years now in time and tell us about your bout with breast cancer and what you did to treat it.

Suzanne Somers: When I look back 14 years, what I am so glad about is what I didn’t do. I remember that I got the recipe right away; we’ll do surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and after care drug of Tamoxifen.

And even at that time… because all of us in the alternative world, from year to year you know so much more. I can’t do that. The idea of putting chemical poison into my body to cure me just doesn’t make sense. And he [the doctor] said “you’ll die if you don’t.” And I said, “I think I’ll die if I do what you want me to do.”

So I did end up doing radiation because a doctor I respected very much, who is an alternative doctor, said, “Well, you have to do radiation.” And I said, “Really? You would do it, too?” And she said, “Absolutely.”

I think today, knowing what I know about radiation and knowing what I know about a nutritional approach to cancer, I really don’t think I would have done radiation. Because any problem I have health-wise is as a result of radiation. So, I have a whole different feeling about it.

But, we [all] do the best that we can with the information we have at the time. And that is what I knew at that time…

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Suzanne Somers wrote a book about her experience with breast cancer. You can find out more about her book in this informative Fox News article:

Suzanne Somers: ‘I Wouldn’t Have Gotten Breast Cancer If…’ | Fox …
Oct 5, 2013

Suzanne Somers joined ‘A Healthy You and Carol Alt’ to talk about an issue women often struggle with during their thirties and forties – a change in hormones. In her new book, “I’m Too Young For This,” Somers examines the natural hormone solution to dealing with perimenopause – approximately the 10 years before a woman goes through menopause.

Somers made this bold statement: “I really believe if I knew then what I know now, that I would not have gotten breast cancer.”

She explained that she was estrogen dominant and was missing progestero…… (read more).

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