Balancing Your Diet – It’s All About Alkalinity

Inflammation is at the base of most of our diseases and also the breakdown of our good health. Our lifestyle and our bad eating habits contribute to the overwhelming inflammation. Inflammation is initially a good sign – of your body marshaling its forces to heal a specific area. But when we ignore the right way to eat, and our lifestyle is based on the couch potato, inflammation turns into a major invasive problem.

So what contributes to this condition? In it’s basic simplicity – it is acid that permeates what should be our alkaline state. Of all the balances that the human body strives to maintain, the most important and crucial is the one between acid and base (or alkaline).  All the mainstream medical texts all agree with this. The PH balance of our cells and of our bloodstream is of great importance to maintain proper balance of our whole body chemistry.

The big problem here is that mainstream medicine is not aware and does nothing to alert us to the fact that our body turns itself inside out and upside down to keep and maintain that critical PH balance.  Our human chemistry is meant to be alkaline. Trouble is, our bodies also create acid. We need alkaline for our fuel, and we produce acid as a by-product.

The trouble is magnified when the majority of our diet is acidic, and creates a dietary imbalance. This turns into a massive over-acidification of cells, organs, tissues and eventually blood. Such a massive imbalance sets the stage for chaos, opening the door for degeneration, sickness and disease.

I would like to recommend a book that has answered so many questions I’ve had for years. It is very exciting to have a number of “loose ends” all come together in one book.  The book is:

The PH Miracle – Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health – by Robert O. Young, PhD, and Shelly Redford Young.

One of the remarkable things I heard years ago, but only now understand “why” is this: in a healthy alkaline bodily system, germs can’t get a foothold. Take it even a big step further. Cancer cells can only live (and thrive!) in an acidic environment.  It becomes exciting and yet very somber to realize that sickness, disease, and for many painful degeneration are actually in our own hands to begin the renewal.

It is not easy to change longstanding habits, especially when they revolve around food. But when we are in our 50’s and 60’s, we have a bigger reason to embrace the alkaline diet and experience more energy, less congestion, less irritation and a quality of life that we never thought we would enjoy again.

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