Buteyko Breathing Method – A Simple Health Miracle

How do you keep your eyes and ears alerted to “different” or “alternative” ways of staying healthy? Not everything out there is worth looking at, that’s for sure. But once in a while I run into a health benefit that in a big way…. is so worthy of the search!

While looking at an exercise method called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), a different kind of breathing was mentioned, the Buteyko Method. The benefits of HIIT exercising can be increased by just learning how to breath correctly through my nose.  I know, this contradicts almost everything my coaches, doctors and health experts have always preached — take a big breath through your mouth … breath in and out … and now hold it!

The Buteyko Method of breath training is not new.  It has hundreds of followers whose asthma, sleep apnea, and COPD have improved. Here is more information about this remarkable breathing method.

Buteyko Breathing Therapy (BBT) was developed in 1952 by a Ukrainian physiologist, Konstantin Buteyko, who linked hyperventilation to asthma and developed a breathing technique to address it. The theory behind the method is that taking slow, shallow breaths rather than trying to breathe deeply, works best during an asthma attack. BBT became known in the United States and Europe after it was introduced into Australia in the 1990s. The Buteyko approach got a boost in 2009 when Jane Brody, who writes the Personal Health column in the New York Times, described how a friend of hers with severe asthma was able to cut back to using less than one puff of his inhaler each day after just three months of breathing lessons. He was also able to discontinue taking oral medications all together.  http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/QAA401205/Buteyko-Method-Best-Breathing-for-Asthma-Symptoms.html

How is your breathing? How is your health? Check for yourself

TAKE THE Control Pause Breathing Test

Professor Buteyko developed a test to measure your depth of breathing and consequent retention of carbon dioxide, resultant oxygenation and health. He named it the “Control Pause” breathing test. This acts as a natural peak flow meter and is far more useful.

You can try this for yourself – find a clock or stop watch then –
1 ………Sitting down, close your mouth and breathe normally in and out through the nose for 2/3 minutes.
2 ……….After a normal out breath, gently close your nose with thumb and forefinger, glance at a a clock face or time with a stop watch.
3 ……….When you feel the FIRST need to breathe, release the nose and take a breath in through the nose. remembering to keep the mouth closed at this point.
4………..Note the number of seconds that have passed before breathing in.

The number of seconds that has passed is your Control Pause.
If you managed
less than 10 seconds …..you have health problems
less than 25 seconds….. your health needs attention
…………………………………..30-40 is satisfactory
…………………………………..60+ seconds is excellent

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For more very helpful information, please visit http://www.buteyko.co.uk/

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