The social stigma of being obese

Recent data has shown that worldwide, overweight and obese people are growing in numbers, both men and women no matter what the age.

One of the biggest reasons why this is happening is because people nowadays tend to consume a lot more fast food but fewer fruits and vegetables. Another cause of getting obese is the inactive way of life people live due to the convenience of utilizing PCs, television, and personal computer games for work and for fun.

However, obesity is really a huge public concern. Being called names, and not being able to discover the correct clothes are some of the real difficulties faced by those who are obese.

The attack on those who are obese by the entertainment press continues to dishonor them. It is so tough for obese people nowadays; should you watch TV or read magazines, you know that everybody wants to have a physique like that of a super model. That everyone wants to appear a particular way.

It has been reported that airlines are contemplating weighing people when they buy their tickets and charging people by the pound! They also have proposed charging for two tickets for any passenger who cannot get the arm rest down in a single seat.

I certainly think being obese and obesity are issues we must take seriously. Not for the vain self indulgent reasons portrayed by the media, but for the serious wellness risks which come with it.

While I do not agree with stigmatizing individuals who are obese, I think making the condition appear normal is just as bad.

The popular treatment for obesity would involve less consumption of fast foods, increased consumption of fruits and vegetables, a lot more exercise, and less time spent in front of the television and personal computer or playing video games.

If you are capable, it is advisable for you to consult a nutrition specialist. They will keep you informed about what is wholesome and what isn’t, because I think lots of people have the wrong ideas. You must do your best to only have nutritious food in the house or at work because keeping junk food and seeing them will only lure you to consume them.

I also think that the best thing to do to conquer this social stigma against getting obese is for them to accept themselves for who they are, and that it doesn’t matter what they look like; that they need to consume better for wellness reasons.

Obesity must not be considered a pounds issue, but a wellness issue.

They ought to keep attempting. It is really a lifelong process. There may be obstacles on occasion, but continue to do your best. Concentrate on areas that require a lot more support. And attempt to be creative; what works for 1 person might not work for someone else, but they ought to do what they can and then pass it on to others who might require support.

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