Sugar Addiction – Part 1 – The Sweet and Deadly Killer

40graveI was at Little League baseball practice with my son, and on a Sunday afternoon, it was a great time to be with the boys and also with their fathers. I was in the outfield with another father named John, trying to be helpful shagging balls.

John is a retired psychologist, who specialized in ADHD. One thing he said about sugar just stopped me in my tracks. We were talking about ADHD and he said that ADHD medication has been saving thousands of people’s lives because they are no longer self-medicating themselves with sugar. Wow! I’ve never before thought about that connection. How many people who don’t know they have ADHD are still medicating themselves with soda, candy bars, ice cream and doughnuts? People are trying to cope any way they can, but little do they know what kind of a price they are paying for their addiction to sugar.How many other people are using sugar to mask the pain of failure and guilt? They use alcohol and drugs too. But sugar addiction is so rampant and so universal, that no one even thinks there is a problem. Even the medical community keeps quiet.

My conversation with John, out on the baseball field, produced in me a desire to take another look at a subject that I have been very passionate about. And that is learning how pervasive the addiction to sugar has become in the United States and the increasing threat that this addiction is to the overall health of our population.

This website is not about the masses, but it is all about your health and mine. So my focus in Part 2 will be:

A. How sugar addiction is literally killing us and taking years off of our lives.
B. How our addiction to sweets is negatively impacting the daily quality of life. You’ll learn how sugar robs you of the currency of life – your energy.

In Part 3 we’ll take a look at the Mega Sugar Industry, and how they have hunkered down and are ready to fight anyone who dares to say that sugar is bad for you. The sugar industry is all-pervasive in their reach, impacting not only our whole food industry but our work and leisure activities as well.

In Part 4 we’ll learn what some of us want to find out – a sure-fire and “easy” (well, no, I can’t say it will be easy 🙂 method to break our addiction to sugar. We will also learn some great tips to replace the sugar with healthy and nourishing foods. Some experts have said that kicking the sugar addiction can be harder than quitting smoking. A real neat thing to think about is that the longer sugar is out of your system the easier it becomes.

Look for Sugar Addiction – Part 2 – The Sweet and Deadly Killer – coming to this blog soon.

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