The Slight Edge – So Easy to Do – So Easy Not to Do

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The slight Edge is all about doing little things every day that add up over time to become big things. The problem is this: these little every day things are very easy to do. They are also easy NOT to do. There lies the catch.

Jeff Olson makes a big point about how we in the USA as a society can let our health suffer the way we do. Obesity is rampant, as is diabetes. We are a lot more obese as a culture than we were 10 years ago. How can we do this to ourselves? We do it because we don’t have a system like “The Slight Edge” to slowly bring us back on track and into being vibrantly healthy again.

Without committing to small DAILY rituals that will make a big difference down the road, we will continue on our downward spiral and wake up when we are 50 or 60 and wonder if it’s too late.

It’s never too late to start the “Slight Edge.” There are a number of different angles you can tackle – exercise, junk food, more sleep, going to the doctor, etc. But don’t bite off too much to start with. Simply start with a simple thing like a decision to have a salad instead of a greasy cheese burger.

Now are you going to feel different right away. Probably not much, if at all. But what if you keep doing this “slight edge” day after day after day. Do you think in 3 months you will see a slight difference? I think so. I believe you will be feeling different too, with more energy.

It’s your body, your life, your health, and your decision. It’s my goal to assist you in getting fit and getting more healthy every week. I just turned 61 years old, and I think about these “slight edge” things a lot.

I will be sharing more of how I am using the “Slight Edge” and my struggles and victories. Please share what you are going through too.

The “Slight Edge” is in book form and also on CD.

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