Is walking a great way to stay in shape?

walking for exerciseWalking is a wonderful way to easily get a lot of exercise. I once walked for 14 months straight – every single day – rain, shine, snow or ice.  This gave me a lot more confidence knowing I can stick to an exercise program – if I really want to.

I have discovered through not only walking, but reading quite a bit on the subject, that 45 minutes is the optimum time for your walk. Sure, if you only have 15 minutes, that’s OK. But if you can, build up to 30 minutes per day, and then to 40 and 45 minutes.  This will give you the optimum cardio and aerobic exercise.

I found a few articles that will help you out if you are contemplating starting a walking program. Let me know what you are doing, and if you also find that walking is a wonderful habit to help you stay fit.

Top Ten Summer Physical Fitness Ideas!

Summer is fast approaching, here is actually our top ten checklist for making come july 1st your own fitness and best yet!

  • One. Set a goal. It may be to run the 5k or to lose a stone. Then break your ultimate goal into more compact portions, such as a every week instruction plan or perhaps a weekly weight loss target. Write your own objectives and focuses on lower and set all of them someplace you can see it everyday as a reminder to maintain going.
  • 2. Reveal your ultimate goal along with friends and family, you could even go a measure further a post your ultimate goal upon Facebook. This will make you responsible for your actions and you are more likely to not give up….read more.

A Walk A Day

The popularity of walking as a fitness activity has grown by leaps and bounds. Low-risk and easy to start, walking has proven its health benefits in numerous studies. An eight-year study of 13,000 people found that those who walked 30 minutes a day had a significantly lower risk of premature death than those who rarely exercised. In addition, research has shown that regular walking can decrease total and intra-abdominal fat and reduce your risk of developing diabetes or breast cancer.

A regular walking program can also:

  • Improve your cholesterol profile
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increase your energy and stamina
  • Boost “couch potato” bone strength
  • Prevent weight gain

Experts at the CDC and National Institute of Health recommend that every American adult engage in 30 minutes or more of moderate-intensity physical activity just about every day of the week. One way to meet this standard is to walk 2 miles briskly (about 4 miles/hr). If this is too fast,choose a more comfortable pace.

Get Ready

A walking program is simple to start. All you need are comfortable clothes and supportive shoes. Layer loose clothing, keeping in mind that brisk exercise elevates the body’s temperature. Shoes specifically designed for walking or running are best. Make sure you have a little wiggle room between your longest toe (1/2″) and the end of the shoe. Avoid cotton socks since they….read more..

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Are You More Out of Shape at 50 than at 40?

I know in my heart, and in the way I feel if I am “fit”.  Staying fit is a challenge, and even more so, each year I get older. My mortality stares me in the face each time I pick up the Holland Sentinel, from the little town where I live, and view the obituary. It is almost shocking to see how many people in their 50’s are dying.

There are many reasons to staying fit, and I think the biggest one for me is knowing inside that I am a winner, that I can do what I set my mind to do.  It is not easy walking, running or riding a bicycle when it is cold out, or when I just don’t feel like it. I don’t like restricting my diet, and actively pushing myself to eat what is healthy.   Some very smart people have said that the way to build self-esteem is to be consistent in developing new habits that are positive.

This Fit In My 50’s blog is first of all a story of my challenges, and what I am going through to have a better life, physically and mentally.  It is also about you, because if you are over 50 – or ANY age, and you have a desire to get fit and stay fit, this blog is your story also.  Please chime in and let us know what your biggest challenge is to staying fit.

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