The Atkins Diet Plan Reviewed

From the time it first came out in 1972, a considerable number of people have overcome their problems with weight and heart ailments because of the Atkins Diet Plan. As presented by Dr. Atkins, the plan is equally effective in managing a number of illnesses such as cephalalgia, diabetes, apathetic metabolism, trouble to tolerate certain foods, hypersensitivity, and a lot more disorders. Even though the initial intention of following the Atkins Diet is often to lose weight fast, a lot of people with hypercholesterolemia, high blood pressure, blood sugar disorders, and polycystic ovarian syndrome have said that they felt more rejuvenated than ever before with just a week on an Atkins Diet.

Despite the fact that health specialists were advising foods low in fat and high in carbohydrates, the Atkins diet recommends that individuals who desire to achieve weight loss ought to do the contrary. The philosophy of the Atkins diet is that up to two thirds of calories ought to come from fat and people should eat meats and cheeses rather than breads, pastas, and even fruits and vegetables. Instead of carbohydrate and sugar, the Atkins Diet Plan highly recommends fat and protein. The diet specifically recommends animal proteins; so vegetarians will have a hard time following the diet.

Many diet and medical professionals have openly disapproved of Atkins’ principle on weight loss because they believe that eating limitless quantities of fat, in particular saturated fat encountered in meat products, can lead to elevated chance of heart disease.

They also say that any diet that limits carbohydrates to cause the body to rely on its store of fat or muscle for energy is dangerous. When our body breaks down stored fat to supply energy, a by-product called ketones is formed. Ketones suppress appetite, but they also cause fatigue, nausea, and a potentially perilous fluid loss. Anyone who suffers with diabetes, heart, or kidney problems is advised to check with their physician before following a low carbohydrate diet.

Some unpleasant side effects of the Atkins plan include constipation due to a low-fiber diet, and bad breath.

A extensive study on people possessing good health informas us that we should consume more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Limiting these foods for the sake of losing weight can result in health issues in the long run.

However, in spite of the negative comments about it, Atkins has lead to favourable outcomes for a lot of people, and has led to not only a meaningful loss of weight but good health as well.

A lot of people feel in the beginning that the diet is quite difficult, as can be the necessity to undertake meaningful lifestyle changes to achieve excellent results with Atkins.

Published studies comparing the effectiveness of the Atkins diet versus a standard low-fat, low-calorie diet in 2 of the most reputable medical journals, The New England Journal of Medicine, and Annals of Internal Medicine. The results really were unexpected when they demonstrated that many cardiac problem signals got better in participants following the Atkins Diet Plan. There was a much larger decrease in serum triglyceride levels as compared to the low fat group, and a greater increase in serum HDL which is known as good cholesterol than the low-fat group. The 2 groups were observed to have the roughtly the same decrease in bad cholesterol and total cholesterol levels. Furthermore, after a year, the two classes realized the same levels of weight reduction.

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How to Deal With Being Overweight and Your Low Self-Esteem

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The mental effects of carrying excess weight – and obesity – can often be disastrous. People with weight issues are often made fun of by others whose weight is considered ‘normal’. Jokes poking fun at overweight and obese people are common in our society. They often have to put up with a tirade of abuse and pyschological barbs in addition to not so subtle social denigrations. Because of this, they sometimes suffer from poor self-esteem and can feel inadequate. And to make things worse, they are looked upon as the source of their own problems.

Every day social situations are , or can be, embarrassing for those who are obese. Appearing in a beach or at public pools, because they wear clothes that are more revealing, tends to be an unpleasant occasion. If an overweight person decides to play competitive sports he will often undergo the disgrace of being the last ones chosen for teams.

Quite often, in school, obese or overweight children perform poorer academically than ‘normal’ weight peers and have lower grade point averages. As young men and women, many times there is more difficulty gaining acceptance into college and securing jobs and future promotions. Hardly surprising, then, that such life experiences tend to lead to poor self esteem and self-confidence. So starts a cycle of social isolation, emotional withdrawal, depression, inactivity, more overeating, and further weight gain.

The distortion of body image and overall body discontent suffered by obese and overweight people are sometimes implicated in the growth of negative self-worth, so may act as risk factors toward depression not to mention abnormal eating patterns. One’s body image may be affected and partly caused by cultural values and beliefs regarding beauty and attractiveness.

Needless to say, there are some very simple things an obese or overweight person could do to improve his/her self-esteem. For starters they could seek advice from their medical doctor to determine how significant the problem is, or if there really is a problem at all. People vary and some of those who seem to be heavy whencompared to friends and family may just be within a normal range for themselves.

They should reduce the amount of TV watching. Not surprisingly, there’s a link between being overweight and watching television. The average person watches at least  3  hours of television every day, and guess what is the item most commonly featured product on TV? Food. So guess the most likely thing people do when watching TV? They eat food. Watching TV should be limited to a reasonable time, say a couple of hours, every day, as a maximum. In fact, television watching could be done while using home exercise equipment like treadmills and stationary bikes.

Those who are overweight must shoulder the responsibility to shield themselves from the harm, physical and pyschological brought about by being obese. By establishing patterns of healthy eating and exercising sensibly, they can conquer the challenge of being overweight, so that they can live and enjoy life and not be weighted down by being larger than the ‘normal’ size.

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Nutrisystem Weight Loss Program Reviewed

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Your weight loss program arrives in the form of a non-frozen food bag with NutriSystem. It requires taking their food selections together with fruits and veggies purchased from your local  supermarket. Its latest diet plan includes foods made from nourishing ingredients which are good for the heart, such as those rich in omega-3 fatty acids and soluble fiber, which NutriSystem claims could diminish your desire for food, decrease feelings of hunger, and control your appetite in -between meals. The diet plan also consists of DVDs all about health for both sexes, an activity manual, a personalized food diary, and a Quick Start Guide.

One thing to consider is the ultimate convenience of NutriSystem doesn’t come cheap. Prices for their food items are pretty expensive. And aside from their pre-packaged foods, you need to purchase fruits, veggies, and milk. Comments about the superiority and flavour of their foods differ as well.

NutriSystem is perfect for those who don’t want to plan meals or portions. They provide an array of choices, even a plan for vegans. They have high-quality low-fat selections, and a well-adjusted meal plan centered on the USDA Food Guide Pyramid. They also give client support via personal counselors, newsletters, online chat and e-mails.

Based on the Glycemic Index, which ranks carbohydrates according to their effect on blood sugar levels, the NutriSystem plan stabilizes blood sugar levels by emphasizing low GI carbohydrates, which break down slowly and release glucose into the bloodstream gradually, over high GI foods, which break down rapidly.

Eating low GI carbs, together with favourable quantities of protein and fiber, fend off feelings of hunger and keeps you feeling full. Participants choose among six, 28-day diet plans: Women’s, Men’s, Women’s Silver, Men’s Silver, Women’s Diabetic, Men’s Diabetic or Vegetarian. The plan includes menus and checklists so dieters always know what to eat and when.

The NutriSystem food is low glycemic, filled with good carbohydrates. You’ve got these great-tasting meals delivered to your house. Everything you need to be successful is there. You know when you wake up you’ve got a plan and you’re ready to go. Then you include your dose of protein, such as a glass of non-fat milk and a fruit. It is so easy that people wanting to lose weight fall in love with the plan.

Having so many choices keeps it interesting. People long for diversity, and NutriSystem presents a wide selection that people really like and start losing pounds. The nourishment is well-adjusted for excellent health. On NutriSystem, you get to have what you crave on a daily basis.

Any successful diet plan allows for some flexibility, and NutriSystem is no exception. You may switch out any afternoon snack for a morning snack, and likewise switch a NutriSystem lunch for a NutriSystem dinner.

No exercise plan is outlined in NutriSystem, but dieticians and counsellors can work with you on creating a plan that is suitable for you.

The moment you achieve your target weight, a NutriSystem specialist may help you in setting up a meal plan that will progressively include foods bought from the grocery store into your regular diet.

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