WARNING – New Cholesterol Guidelines Could Put You On Statin Drugs!

WARNING – New Cholesterol Guidelines Could Put You On Statin Drugs
This is a very important message… the new cholesterol guidelines will force your doctor to put you on statin drugs; which happen to be toxic. Don’t be another person blindly following the advice of your doctor. Be educated! Please share!

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6 thoughts on “WARNING – New Cholesterol Guidelines Could Put You On Statin Drugs!

  1. Very important information! Please share with anyone you care about!

  2. Does the US Govt totally not care anymore about anyone but big
    I had borderline very high chol. Dropped meat 100% from my diet and the
    fast food and delivered pizza that came hand in hand with it and within 6
    months my chol was in the low catagory. Still eat fish and eggs and dairy
    (none of which I now eat) including cheese and it went from the very top of
    the high classification to the low. Easy Peasy Japanesey
    No wonder Dr McDougall says stay away from Drs before they kill you.

  3. Dr.Gerhauser I was wondering if there are any studies that show long tern
    or just being on statins causes patients to need other medications because
    of the damage the statins are causing.I figure its a win win situation for
    doctors and big pharmacies statins cause patiens to get sicker needing some
    other medication posions? Really i beleiev this !!

  4. Dr. Gerhauser made a video back in 2012 talking about cholesterol particle
    size and why the test that most doctors use is almost useless in preventing
    heart problems – in the video he stated that they want LDL to be below 130.
    Merely 2 years later now in 2014, the number has been dropped from below
    130 to below 100…

    How far will they push it? By 2020 are they going to want it below 50? As
    Dr. G states in his video titled “The Best Cholesterol Tests To Take” our
    health will suffer without enough fluffy LDL. Eat your raw organic egg
    yolks and other un-denatured fats!

    I’m only 24 in good health on a 90% organic 100% non-GMO diet and I’ll bet
    if I got a blood test they would try to put me on this crap, just because
    they want us at an unhealthily low cholesterol level.

  5. It’s getting to the point now where virtually nobody can reach the expected
    guidelines anymore. It’s nearly impossible. Thank you for sharing this
    valuable information, Dr. Gerhauser. 

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